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Logos of the Oita International Wheelchair Marathon

大分国際車いすマラソン シンボルマーク

This logo was designed by Yoshio Okura, then a professor at Oita Prefectural College of Art and Culture, and was adopted by the organizing committee as the official logo for the 2nd marathon in 1982.

It symbolizes two people clasping their hands, swearing solidarity and cooperation with each other.

The laurel twigs under the hands indicate victory and friendship.

The Oita International Wheelchair Marathon was first held in commemoration of the International Year of Disabled Persons in 1981, and in 1982 it was decided that the event would continue to be held.

The logo was then created to raise public awareness and cooperation toward the marathon.

New Logo

大分国際車いすマラソン ロゴマーク カラー 大分国際車いすマラソン ロゴマーク モノクロ
color version monochrome version

The organizing committee has newly adopted the above logo in two different versions to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the marathon.

It shows a racer powering forward in a racing chair toward the finish line.

The figure of the athlete is modeled on the shape of Oita Prefecture tilted 30 degrees to the right.

The logo was originally designed by Momoko Uematsu of the Oita University Cartoon Study Society in 2009, who was then an intern for the Oita Prefectural Government.

In April 2010, it was redesigned into the above patterns in collaboration with Takeshi Higuma, a former member of the Cartoon Society.

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