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We sorry but The 38th Oita International Wheelchair Marathon live had finished. You can watch the live films through our website. Thank you for your visiting.

1ch スタート地点
1ch Start Point
2ch 弁天大橋地点
2ch Benten Bridge
3ch 鶴崎市街地地点
3ch Turusaki Point
4ch 久原折返し地点
4ch Kubara Turning Point
5ch フィニッシュ地点
5ch Finish Point
6ch 先導車車載カメラ
6ch Lead Car

Ranking of each point (including passage time)

Half Marathon 5km 10km 15km 20km Finish
Marathon 5km 10km 15km 20km 25km 30km 35km 40km Finish

Retired Athletes

Retired Athletes

Oita International Wheelchair Marathon Organizing Committee
Oita Prefectural Para-Sports Association
Disability Welfare Division, Welfare and Health Department,
Oita Prefectural Government
3-1-1, Ohte-machi, Oita City, Oita Prefecture, 870-8501, Japan