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Information 38th

Entry Form


Entry Form (Word)Entry Form (PDF)


A completed Entry Form together with other necessary materials including two copies of your face photo must be submitted by mail by August 31, 2018 (Fri).
(Valid only if postmarked August 31, 2018. If you hope to apply by email, you are required to submit an application form along with an image file of your face photo. Please see the Application Instruction for details)


On participation in the Oita International Wheelchair Marathon, the Organizer does not require the athletes to submit us their health report. Competitors shall be responsible for their health care. The Organizer will not be liable for any accidents except when some defects arise in operating the event. Please carefully read the “Acceptance of Risk and Release of Claims" on the Entry Form, and sign it as your consent.
If you intend to send it by post, the Entry Form will not be accepted without your signature, and must be postmarked no later than August 31, 2018.
If you intend to apply by email, you must reply to the Inquiry Email sent by the Organizer which you will receive after sending your application form.
We will understand that you consent to the “Acceptance of Risk and Release of Claims" by your reply, the equivalent to a written signature.
Please note again your application will not be completed without replying.


  1. (Photo) Two (2) copies of your face photo are necessary for application; one attached to the Entry Form and the other enclosed to be used for our official brochures. In case of application by email, please attach an image file of your face photo with your name on.
  2. (Age) Write your age as of race day (Nov.18, 2018)
  3. (Visa) Those who need visa documents for entry to Japan are kindly advised to consult with the Organizer upon or prior to their application for the Oita Marathon.
  4. (Daily Wheelchair) Please answer whether your daily (home) chair can be folded or not.
  5. (Farewell Party: free of charge) Please answer whether you attend the Farewell Party to be held at 18:00 on race day.


  1. Please choose and check your entry division, Marathon or Half Marathon
  2. (Participation in the Oita Marathon)
    First-time athletes, please check "First Time." Competitors, who have entered the Oita Marathon before, please answer whether you finished it or not.
    *First time participants shall attend the course inspection to be held by the Organizer.
  3. (Athlete Registration)
    Write the name of the organization you are registered with as an athlete.
  4. (World Para Athletics Athlete Registration Number)
    Athletes with registered WPA Licenses who will enter the Marathon need to write their registration numbers used in the Sports Data Management System for results approval by WPA (not their license numbers).
  5. (Personal Best Record)
    Write your personal record made between September 1, 2015 and August 31, 2017. Enclose proof of your record (copies of certificates, articles, etc.). Records without any documents of proof will not be considered for the order of the start line-up and others. Your entry may be rejected if you falsify your record, being regarded as unsportsmanlike conduct. In case of application by email, you are required to attach proof of your record or give us a website address of the competition you attended and set the record so that we can confirm it.


  1. (Itinerary)
    All applicants must arrange their international arriving/departing flights to Japan by themselves, and fill in the Entry Form.

    Please arrange your international flights within the time range listed below:

    Narita Airport (TOKYO)
        Arrival :on Nov.15 (Thu.) or before 3:00 p.m. of Nov.16 (Fri.)
        Departure :after 2:00 p.m. of Nov.19 (Mon.) or on Nov. 20 (Tue.)
    Haneda Airport (TOKYO)
        Arrival : on Nov.15 (Thu.) or before 5:00 p.m. of Nov. 16 (Fri.)
        Departure : after 12:30p.m. of Nov.19 (Mon.) or Nov. 20 (Tue.)

    **We advise you to take international flights to/from Narita Airport or Hanada Airport. Airplanes operated between Kansai Airport and Oita Airport are too small and passengers have to use steps in getting on/off a plane.

  2. (Accommodation) All participants will be accommodated in hotels arranged by the Organizer.


When all arrangements are completed, the Organizing Committee will issue and send the "Letter of Acceptance for Participation in the Oita Marathon" to applicants by post.

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  1. Any changes in the entry division will not be accepted after application.
  2. A "First-Come-First-Served" Privilege
    Up to 60 foreign applicants including accompanying persons for T51 & T33 & T52 athletes will be provided with the following privileges of transportation and accommodation in Japan on a "first-come-first-served" basis by the Organizer.

    Please note that all other athletes and participants outside these 60 will be expected to pay for all costs during their stay in Japan including accommodation and transportation.

    Hotel Stay with Breakfast in Japan for 4 Nights.
    Privileged applicants will be allowed to stay for 4 nights at a hotel in Oita City or hotels in other cities in Japan for the convenience of their international flights. Athletes may stay more than 4 nights, but hotel stay provided by the Organizer will be limited to 4 nights in total, and the cost of their extra stay shall be borne by the applicants.
    arrival/ Nov.15, 2018 departure/ Nov. 19, 2018 (4 nights)
    arrival/ Nov.16, 2018 departure/ Nov. 20, 2018 (4 nights)
    arrival/ Nov.16, 2018 departure/ Nov.21, 2018 (5 nights)→one extra night should be
    paid by participants.
    Domestic transportation between your arrival/departure airport and Oita Airport, between Oita Airport and the hotel in Oita City, and other transportation in Japan.
  3. Entry Fee
    Entry fee for athletes is 5,000 yen for marathon and 1,000 yen for half marathon, to be paid in cash at time of registration the day before the race.
  4. Reservation of local flights in Japan
    Participants must NOT reserve flights within Japan by themselves
    In accordance with the domestic passenger clause of Japan, and also based on the information on international flight schedules given by the participants, the Organizer will arrange for them the domestic transportation between arrival/departure airport and their hotel in Oita, by domestic flight, train, limousine bus etc., to provide them with appropriate service and conditions during their transportation.
  5. Transportation in Oita
    The Organizer will arrange transportation in Oita for all participants.
  6. Baggage
    In Japan, your checked baggage will be transported separately to the hotel in Oita City. Thus you may not receive it upon your arrival at the hotel. As to the things you need upon your arrival in Oita, we suggest you bring them as carry-on baggage (i.e. clothes for arrival night in Oita).
  7. Racing chair
    Racing wheelchairs shall meet the regulations set by the Organizer. (see the Regulations for Wheelchairs)
  8. Helmet
    Wearing a helmet is required.
  9. Cost born by participants
    International airfare, lunch, dinner, extra stay & breakfast at hotels in Japan, and any personal expenses such as laundry, snacks and drinks, sightseeing, telephone, compensation for damages to wheelchair equipment, etc. are participants' responsibility. As mentioned in the above item 2, all the expenses shall be borne by the individuals, if they are not included in the early 60 applicants.
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Organizing Committee
Applicants (home PC, etc.)
Entry Form on Official Website

( Word file, PDF file )

Download Entry Form

Fill in Entry Form

Send the following to Organizer

by email at
( as attached files, etc )

  • Entry Form
  • Face Photo with name on it
  • Proof of your record
Receive Entry Form, etc

Check and confirm contents

Send Inquiry Email to athlete
  • Inquiry about Risk Acceptance/Claim Release, etc
  • Point out any omissions, etc.
Receive Inquiry Email
  • Consent to Risk Acceptance/ Claim Release
  • Revise Form if requested
Reply to Inquiry Email

( for confirmation & consent )

Receive Reply from athlete

( when entry is accepted )

Application Completed
  • Send Entry Acceptance Email to athlete

( Receive Email from the Organizer )

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