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Information 38th

Governing Rules

This marathon will be held in compliance with the World Para Athletics ( formerly IPC hereinafter referred to as “WPA” ) Rules and Regulations for 2018-2019 and with the Competition Rules of Japan Para Athletics and also by common consent of the Oita International Wheelchair Marathon Organizing Committee.

1 Marathon and Half Marathon will be held in this event.
2 Wave start is used with 3 minutes' time difference between Marathon and Half Marathon. (Men and Women start at the same time)
3 All participating athletes must follow WPA Rules and Regulations regarding advertising and displays on clothes and wheelchairs during IPC Athletics Recognized Competitions.
4 Athletes must follow the designated lanes in the course from start to finish.
5 Drafting (Sport Classes T33-34, T51-54). Drafting behind an athlete from another sports class or gender within a distance of 5m or less is prohibited.
6 Any athletes who intentionally interfere with, or touch other athletes during the race will be disqualified.
7 Wearing a helmet is required.
8 Only the race officials or police officers are permitted to assist an athlete in case of crash or tumble during the race.
Athletes will be disqualified if he/she is assisted in any manner influential to the better race result.
9 Only the race officials are allowed to assist the repair of wheels and wheelchairs during the race.
10 Athletes must retire immediately from the race when so ordered by the medical officials or the race officials so identifiable by their armbands.
11 Athletes must obey the directions of the race officials and police officers.
12 Athletes must ensure that no part of their lower limbs touch the ground or track during the event.
13 Classification: Please refer to the International Classification System.
14 Doping Control will be conducted at Oita Marathon.
15 Athletes must reach the following checkpoints within the given times:
Marathon 5km checkpoint 10:30:00 ( 30 min 00 sec)
15km checkpoint 11:00:00 ( 60 min 00 sec)
30km checkpoint 12:00:00 (120 min 00 sec)
  Finish 13:00:00 (180 min 00 sec)
Half Marathon 5km checkpoint 10:33:00 ( 30 min 00 sec)
10km checkpoint 11:00:00 ( 57 min 00 sec)
15km checkpoint 11:30:00 ( 87 min 00 sec)
  Finish 12:10:00 (127 min 00 sec)
If any athletes fail to arrive at any checkpoint in time, he / she will be forcibly picked up.
16 Drinks
  • Drinks will be provided at the following points.
    Marathon 10km, 20km, 30km, 40km
    Half marathon 10km, 20km
  • The organizer will provide not refreshing drink but only water in paper cups.
  • Any athletes taking provisions in a place other than the designated areas will be disqualified.
    Assistance with provisions by only race officials is allowed at the designated areas.
  • We will set up misting stations at select points. If athletes would like to be sprayed with water, ask an official there. Only officials at these points will be allowed to spray water on athletes.
17 Regulations for wheelchairs are as follows:
  • At WPA Competitions the wheelchair shall have two (2) large wheels and one (1) small wheel. In other Recognized Competitions the wheelchair may have two (2) large wheels and a maximum of two (2) small wheels. In all competitions the small wheel(s) must be at the front of the chair.
  • Wheelchair Dimensions. No part of the main body (defined as the vertical plane of the back edge and wheels including the seat) of the wheelchair may extend forwards beyond the hub of the front wheel and be wider than the inside of the hubs of the two rear wheels. The maximum height from the ground of the main body of the wheelchair shall be 50 cm.
  • No part of the wheelchair may protrude behind the vertical plane of the back edge of the rear tyres.
  • Wheel Dimensions
    The maximum diameter of the large wheel including the inflated tire shall not exceed 70 cm.
    The maximum diameter of the small wheel including the inflated tire shall not exceed 50 cm.
  • Only one plain, round, push-rims allowed for each large wheel.
    Note:This rule may be waived for persons requiring a single arm drive wheelchair in Category 1, if so stated on their WPA Athletics Classification Card or at the discretion of the Technical Delegate in consultation with the Chief Classifier, if a Chief Classifier is available.
  • No mechanical gears or levers are allowed to propel the wheelchair.
  • The use of mirrors is not permitted in wheelchair track or road races.
  • Only hand operated, mechanical steering devices are allowed.
  • The athlete must be able to turn the front wheel(s) manually both to the left and to the right.
  • The use of fairings or similar devices specifically designed to improve the aerodynamic performance of the athlete in the wheelchair are not permitted.
  • Wheelchairs will be measured and inspected in the Call Room and once inspected must not be taken from the competition area before the start of the event. Wheelchairs can be re-examined by the officials before or after the event.
  • It is the responsibility of the athlete to ensure that no part of their lower limbs can fall from their wheelchair to the ground or track during the event.
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