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Information 38th
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Information 38th

General Provisions

The 38th General Provisions

1. Purpose

To encourage persons with physical disabilities in Japan and other countries and territories in further social participation, and to deepen people’s understanding toward persons with disabilities through wheelchair racing.

2. Name

The 38th Oita International Wheelchair Marathon

3. Host

Oita Prefecture, Japanese Para-Sports Association, Japanese Paralympic Committee, Japan Para Athletics, etc.

4. Approval

This event is approved by World Para Athletics (WPA) as an Approved Event. Only results established by an athlete who have a registered WPA License and have an international class shall be officially recognized by WPA. No results of the Half Marathon are officially recognized by WPA.

5. Superintendent

Oita Athletics Association

6. Support

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan Sports Agency, etc.

7. Sponsors

Omron Co. Ltd., SONY Co. Ltd., etc.

8. Cooperation

Oita Prefectural Police, etc.

9. Time and Date

November 17, 2018 (Sat.)
09:00 15:00   Classification (Oita Municipal Athletic Stadium)
11:00 12:40   Course Inspection
12:00 15:00   Athletes Registration & Classification (Oita Pref. Government Building)
16:30 16:50   Opening Ceremony
16:50 17:10   Parade
17:30 18:00   Athletes Press Conference
November 18, 2018 (Sun.)
08:00 9:25   Racing wheelchair Inspection & Warm-up (Castle Park)
9:25 9:45   Final Call & Pre-lineup
10:00       Marathon Start
10:03       Half Marathon Start
13:20     Closing &Awards Ceremonies (Oita Municipal Athletic Stadium)
18:00 20:00   Farewell Party (Tokiwa Department Store Hall)

10. Course and events

Marathon Course (42.195km) and Half Marathon Course (21.0975km) in Oita City officially approved by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations

11. Eligibility

All athletes must be over 14 years old as of November 18, 2018, and must satisfy the following requirements.

[ Marathon ]

  1. Japanese athletes: Wheelchair users holding a physical disability certificate and registered with Japan Para Athletics, who also must be approved by the Organizer.
  2. Foreign athletes: Wheelchair users registered with the National Paralympic Committees in their respective countries or equivalent associations, who also must be approved by the Organizer.

[ Half Marathon ]

  1. Japanese athletes: Wheelchair users holding a physical disability certificate, who also must be approved by the Organizer.
  2. Foreign athletes: Wheelchair users approved by the Organizer.

12. Entry Fee

Entry fee for athletes is 5,000 yen for marathon and 1,000 yen for half marathon, to be paid in cash at time of registration the day before the race.

13. Governing Rules

2018-2019 WPA Rules and Regulations applicable on race day and Japan Para Athletics Rules, and Competition Rules of Oita International Wheelchair Marathon.
All participating athletes must follow WPA Rules and Regulations regarding advertising and displays during WPA Recognized Competitions.

14. Classification

( 1 ) In both Marathon and Half Marathon, participants are classified into the following classes; T51, T33/52, T34/53/54 (three classes)

( 2 ) If necessary, classification process will be carried out during the Athletes Registration on November 17, 2018. These classes will not be recognized as international classes of WPA.

15. Doping Control

Doping Control will take place at this event.

16. Award

( 1 ) The 1st - 3rd place finishers in each class of men and women will be awarded in both Marathon and Half Marathon.

( 2 ) In the event of Marathon, prize money will be given to the finishers who achieved outstanding results in placing or in time at this race, and the amount of money will be decided separately. (PDF)

( 3 ) Decisions on placing or awarding will be conducted without regard to registration with IPC Athletics.

17. Entry Application

A completed Entry Form together with other necessary materials including two copies of your face photo must be submitted by mail by August 31, 2018 (Fri).
(Valid only if postmarked August 31, 2018. If you hope to apply by email, you are required to submit an application form along with an image file of your face photo. Please see the Application Instruction for details)

18. Accidents during the race

In case of accident in the competition, first-aid treatment will be provided by the Organizer. Athletes must be responsible for the payment of medical service. The Organizer takes out accident insurance.

19. In Case of Rain

In general, the competition takes place regardless of weather conditions.

20. Race Cancellation Policy and Response to an Emergency

Follow the instruction in the crisis management manual of 38th Oita International Wheelchair Marathon

21. Healthcare

Participants are liable for their own health condition and race participation. Medical Check-ups by the organizer will not be held.

22. Personal Information

The Organizing Committee will comply with the law of personal information. Athletes’ personal information will be used for the following purposes;
*examination of the athletes qualification
*publication of programs and leaflets of the event
*advertisement and promotion of the event
*press release to the media
*announcement of records, etc.

23. Organizing Committee Secretariat

The Organizing Committee Secretariat is located in Oita Prefectural Para-Sports Association (c/o Disability Welfare Division, Oita Prefectural Government).
Foreign participants may contact Oita Prefectural Para-Sports Association at the following:
Address : Oita International Wheelchair Marathon Organizing Committee
Oita Prefectural Para-Sports Association
Oita Prefectural Government, Welfare and Health Department, Disability Inclusion Promotion Office
33-1-1,Ohte-machi, Oita City,
Oita Prefecture, 870-8501,Japan
Telephone : +81-97-506-2841 Fax : +81-97-506-1736
Email :

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